COCKIT! – Cocked Wah Effect

COCKIT! – Cocked Wah Effect


This COCKIT! PCB is inspired by the Q-Zone cocked wah effect.  Get your cocked wah jones fulfilled with this simple but great little circuit on an easy-to-build Rullywow PCB.

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The COCKIT! PCB is inspired by the Dunlop Q-Zone pedal.  This effect is fun as it allows you to mimic a cocked wah pedal.  Perfect for nailing the “Money For Nothing” intro or channeling your inner Scorpions.  Rock out with your cock-a-doodle-doo out.

Build doc:

CockIt v1.0

NEW!  Excel BOM file for easy sorting, sourcing of components.

Cockit Excel BOM v1.0




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