Serpent Boost – Rangemaster Boost

Serpent Boost – Rangemaster Boost

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Serpent Boost v2 – A versatile boost based on Rangemaster/Naga Viper

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Inspired by the Rangemaster and the Naga Viper boost, the Serpent Boost allows you to make your own boost with attitude.  The LEVEL control allows you to spank the front end of your amp or another pedal.  The HEAT control adds extra gristle.  The RANGE control lets you go from full range to a classic treble boost.  Don’t be fooled by the small size of this PCB ; this circuit is bound to be one of your favorite versatile boosts.

Version 2 updates the reverse-polarity protection, adds E-B-C labeling under the transistor, and smooths the overall layout.

Includes (1) PCB, you supply all the standard components.

  • Full range (FAT) or treble boost
  • Great to push a tube amp or another pedal into overdrive
  • Small unique size
  • Designed for PCB mounted pots (16mm right angle)
  • Matches up with rullywow 3PDT boards

Serpent Boost v2 Build Doc



3 reviews for Serpent Boost – Rangemaster Boost

  1. Tim McGrath

    I built this pedal a while ago and it’s been on my board for a while. Nice boost, but then tried putting it in front of my other gain pedals in the chain. Gives new life to typical overdrives and makes fuzz and big muff pedals SO much better. I now just dial it in and leave it on all the time. Improved my overall tone by a bunch. GREAT pedal…

  2. Carl (verified owner)

    Wanna hear a really cool trick? Run the serpent boost in front of the Plexi cruise.
    Those two work together perfectly! You get that JTM45 sound with el34 tubes. And the serpent boost balances the bass heavy Plexicruise.
    Such a simple build too!

  3. Tom

    Just finished the Serpent Boost. Sounds incredible with mild OD or fat distortion. Really nice boost. Thanks again for the great PCBs

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