Superjudge – DIY. PCB. Crunch. Dist.

Superjudge – DIY. PCB. Crunch. Dist.

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Get your crunch on!  A simple build, the Superjudge brings the EL34 crunch distortion sound in spades!

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The Superjudge Distortion PCBs bring analog crunch right in your face. teamed up with to bring you a simple, but great sounding distortion.

The basis of the Superjudge starts with an 18v charge pump on board which boosts the voltage from 9v to 18v. Add two inverting opamp stages, combined with a LED clipping stage, and wrap it up with a tone control. This distortion can cop mildly crunchy tones to that of serious EL34 territory. It delivers crunch in spades!

  • Built-in Charge pump for 18v operation
  • Pads line up with 3PDT boards
  • Easy jumper for use with many different charge pumps
  • Very easy to build!

Superjudge Build Doc v1.3

NEW!  Excel BOM for easy sorting, parts sourcing, etc:

Super Judge 1.3 BOM


1 review for Superjudge – DIY. PCB. Crunch. Dist.

  1. Cory (verified owner)

    Not the most flexible pedal, but it does what it does REALLY well. Really fast build. I think I had it built and boxed in less than 90min. A lot of fun to let rip and stacks well with other pedals.

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