Queen of Bone (King of Tone™ 18v clone) PCB

Queen of Bone (King of Tone™ 18v clone) PCB

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A take on the King of Tone™  – but with 18v charge pump onboard.  Two overdrives in one pedal – great on their own or stacked. Uses 9V and runs internally at 18V. Sweet.  This version is discontinued – check out the Queen of Bone2 HERE

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This version has been discontinued.  New version in stock and available HERE

The QUEEN of BONE is based upon the King of Tone™ which is a big hit with the boutique pedal market. Of course, there are a few tweaks.  It has a great amount of sustain and can do anything from a clean boost to a fairly heavy distortion.  It is a versatile overdrive and the heritage of the circuit is favored by many professional players.  The QUEEN of BONE takes it to the next level with an 18V charge-pump option built in, allowing for more headroom and clarity…and is still powered by a normal 9v DC pedal power supply.

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The QUEEN of BONE board is essentially two overdrives in one, designed to cascade upon each other.  The PCB is designed to be mounted in a 1590BB size enclosure and have a 3PDT footswitch for each overdrive side (wiring diagram in build doc).   A common example is to set one for a clean-ish boost and the other dirty; Then cascade the clean into the dirty side.  If you ever have run two overdrives in series, this is how it works.  You can use the clean itself, the dirty itself, or both for super gain.   The possibilities are endless with the internal DIP switch diode selection and presence controls.

The QUEEN of BONE PCB is designed for ease of use, with extra pads at the top for a DC jack.  It is also designed for 16mm PCB mount pots because nobody enjoys off-board wiring!


Check out the BUILD DOC for more info!

NEW!  A new 3PDT wiring diagram for using Rullywow 3PDT boards:

QoB Wiring using Rullywow 3PDT boards

NEW!  Drilling template…use at own risk (check before drilling and print out at 100% scale)

QoB Drill Template PDF

6 reviews for Queen of Bone (King of Tone™ 18v clone) PCB

  1. Bob Davis (verified owner)

    Just finished this (Dec. 2014) and am very happy with it. Used separately the 2 sides provide some very nice overdrive and distortion. From my setup I get some very good Marshall tones from side 2. The chords don’t go mushy and each note is distinct.

    Together this thing is a real beast. Very happy with this.

  2. Colton (verified owner)

    This is such an awesome build! I compared it to an actual KoT (with high gain both sides), and the differences are negligible.. Most likely due to Analog Man’s use of “unobtanium” diodes. Instead of MA856s, I used 1S1588s and BA282s with great results! The charge pump is a great idea, too.. Definitely adds some punch to the circuit.

    I’ve since cashed out on the KoT in order to let the Queen rule.

  3. Sylvain (verified owner)

    Great PCB, nice work, thanks a lot !
    I’ve made 2 of theses, and they both sound great !
    I’ve purchased BA282 instead of MA856, and found NOS 1S1588 in Japan !
    Superb circuit and fantastic “double-pedal” !
    5 SPDT switchs are externaly, 4 to replace the 2 internal DIP and one to switch between 9V & 18V !
    Thanks again

  4. Brad (verified owner)

    Superb quality PCB. I’ve built lots of pedals and this one is in the top 3. I mounted the dip switches externally (2 switches per side). Also the presence controls were mounted externally. A very flexible pedal that can handle a wide variety of chores in the studio where I am using it. I went with the same substitute diodes that other builders have used in place of the MA856 that I’m delighted with. With the external controls I’d rather have this box over a KoT. Don’t need to wait either.

  5. Henk (verified owner)

    Very high quality pcb. Thanks a lot. Haven’t yet constructed the pedal but I’m pretty shure it will work ;). I noticed a lot of people give alternatives for the unobtainable MA856, but I just ordered mine in Spain by a company called RETROAMPLIS. You can order them by piece (about half a euro) and they were delivered within a week (I live in Belgium so it may take a little longer for the USA). I also saw them on the website of Aliexpress (China). I hope I could help a few people with this information.

  6. Jean-Charles (verified owner)

    Great PCB!! Very good sounding OD, and the “18V” option makes it unique!!!

    Many Thanks to let us enjoy this great OD!

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