Pop Sizer – Wacky Fuzz PCB

Pop Sizer – Wacky Fuzz PCB

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Pop Sizer – A wacky fuzz inspired by the Soda Meiser circuit

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The Pop Sizer fuzz is a wacky fuzz inspired by the Devi Ever “Soda Meiser™”.

This circuit is a lot of fun for getting rich harmonics and octave fuzz sounds on the edge of breakup.  It is one rude sounding fuzz.  The input is heavily gated and by the way the transistors are (mis)biased, lots of fun and original fuzz sounds lurk within.  Hit the CHAOS switch for even more out-of-this world sounds.

Includes (1) PCB only, you supply all the standard components.

With VOLUME, INTENSITY controls plus a CHAOS switch…this is one really fun fuzz.

  • Designed for PCB mounted pots (16mm right angle)
  • Very easy to build!  Low parts count.
  • Extremely unique fuzz tones to be had

Build Doc LINK here… PopSizer 1.0



1 review for Pop Sizer – Wacky Fuzz PCB

  1. Will (verified owner)

    really nice, super easy pcb, sounds awesome looks cool with the 3pdt pcb also both being red.Will be buying some of the other boards soon.

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