Plexicruise Distortion (PlexiDrive clone) PCB

Plexicruise Distortion (PlexiDrive clone) PCB

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A clone of the Wampler PlexiDrive™ circuit.  Get some awesome plexi tones from your rig!   BUILD DOC 

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The Plexicruise is a clone of the Wampler PlexiDrive™ which uses J201 mosfets to coax some really nice plexi tones out of your setup.

The PCB is designed to fit into a 1590B enclosure and uses standard 16mm pots.  This is a medium level build, and you will be rewarded with some great plexi tones for your efforts! 

Check out the BUILD DOC for more info!

1 review for Plexicruise Distortion (PlexiDrive clone) PCB

  1. Bob Davis (verified owner)

    Finished this last week. Great sound. You would swear you had a stack of Marshalls sitting there. I ran it through a Carvin V3 with the drive at 4 and the rest of the controls at 12 o’clock. The amp is slightly dirty at that setting and the Plexicruise sent it right where I wanted. it.

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