LunarBlast – DIY Optical Tremolo

LunarBlast – DIY Optical Tremolo

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DIY Tremolo PCB Project – Make your own sweet OPTICAL TREMOLO

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How about an easy-to-build OPTICAL TREMOLO  which uses “standard” components.  We are talking about the LunarBlast PCB here from

Based off the “Shoot the Moon” tremolo created by Madbean forum member CultureJam, the LunarBlast does not dissapoint.  Includes (1) PCB, you supply all the standard components.

With GAIN, SPEED, DEPTH, and WAVE controls, this tremolo can go from subtle to choppy with a flick of the dial.

  • No expensive vactrol to buy (just use a cheap LDR and orange LED)
  • Designed for PCB mounted pots (16mm right angle)
  • Very easy to build!


Lunar Blast rev1.0 Build Doc


1 review for LunarBlast – DIY Optical Tremolo

  1. J Willis (verified owner)

    I just finished building this up i wired the wave control up on an on/on toggle switch with a set resistance, and wired two rate pots to a 3pdt stomp switch for on the fly rate changes. It turned out great i used the roll your own suggestion from the build guide using 3mm clear orange led and ldr from tayda. Everything turned out a ok.

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