King Tut Fuzz (Pharoh clone) PCB

King Tut Fuzz (Pharoh clone) PCB

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A clone of the Black Arts Pharoh™ circuit.  Get awesome fuzz tones from your setup!   

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The KING TUT is inspired by the Black Arts Toneworks™ Pharoh™.   It is a take on the venerable Big Muff but with some cool tricks and also very versatile fuzz due to plenty of options.  You can switch between different input filters with the HI/LO switch.  Even better is the fact you can select either silicon/germanium/no clipping with the CLIP switch.

The PCB is designed to fit into a 1590B enclosure and uses standard 16mm pots as well as a standard DPDT (center off) switch.  This is a medium level build, and you will be rewarded with some great fuzz tones for your efforts! Lots of tweaking options available with this fuzz. 

Be sure to check out the 3PDT bypass and Detour Boards to make this build even easier!

Updated Build Doc!

King Tut v1.1

Excel BOM (for easy parts ordering, sorting etc.)

King Tut Excel BOM v1.1


6 reviews for King Tut Fuzz (Pharoh clone) PCB

  1. Luki (verified owner)

    Fantastic looking pcb, great design, fantastic sounding fuzz with a lot of options! it was fun building!

  2. Neil (verified owner)

    Superb quality PCB, really good. Fun to build and pretty straightforward if you’ve maybe done a simple fuzz pedal before. Take your time to double check everything as you go and then sit back and fuzz yourself into oblivion. This pedal sounds amazing, I’m super impressed with the tones im hearing.

  3. Carl Hagen (verified owner)

    For a guy that never cared for the Big Muff. This pedal rocks! Something magical is happening with the tones here!
    All the Rullywow pedals are simple builds. I’ve never had any issues with any of these pcbs.

  4. Kris Gambino

    This pedal has knocked the Russian Muff I’ve had since 1993 off my pedalboard! The PCB was so great to work on and the 3pdt almost made this build too easy. Love it!

  5. JT

    I bought this board after reading about the KoT and watching online reviews of this clone. It was my first DIY pedal as well as one of my first electronics projects (a few speaker crossovers prior to this project). The experience of building the pedal was a ton of fun with only a little frustration (due to my lack of experience, not the pcb design). I got some technical support from RullyWow (great help!) and now have my most favorite pedal. NOT just because I built it, rather because it’s crazy versatile and fun to play around with and try new sounds. It’s amazing and you should build one!

  6. Tim

    Really killer fuzz. This build has been on my board for well over a year now, and I used it for all kinds of music. Sounds killer stacked with other overdrives and boosts. Highly recommend !

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