Voodoo Return Fuzz – Axis Fuzz Clone

Voodoo Return Fuzz – Axis Fuzz Clone

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The Voodoo Return Fuzz is an Axis Fuzz clone, much like silicon Fuzz which Hendrix used.  Build your own today!

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The Voodoo Return Fuzz is inspired by the Roger Mayer “Axis Fuzz”. The concept was reportedly created in 1967 – 1968 so Jimi could have different colorations of Fuzz for different sounds. This circuit was used on some popular albums like Band of Gypsies as well as others.
Just like Jimi, you can use your volume control to roll off some of the dirt while retaining that great fuzz character. This pedal responds very well to volume changes on your guitar. With just a FUZZ and LEVEL control, this pedal is also very simple to use.
It is suggested to put this in a 1590B sized enclosure for ease of building. I’m sure it’s possible to cram this in a 1590a too if you have the patience. With the Rullywow Voodoo Return Fuzz, you can build a 60’s style fuzz easily and quickly.

This PCB is true to the original circuit, with an easy to build layout.  Check out the build doc and Excel BOM for more information!

Voodoo Return Fuzz v1.0

New EXCEL BOM for easy sorting, sourcing of components:

 Voodoo Return Fuzz EXCEL BOM v1.0



2 reviews for Voodoo Return Fuzz – Axis Fuzz Clone

  1. Joe McIntyre (verified owner)

    Wow is an understatement. I have owned and still own a lot of fuzz pedals. If like myself you have been chasing that perfect Hendrix tone and wondered how his stock Strat cleaned up so beautifully without the highs disappearing this is it. In fact my strats with the treble bleed mod were actually to trebly when I turned down the volume. With a strat, tele, mustang, and a g&l asat this baby will rock your world. Great board! Easy build and fired right up first time!

  2. yupnitski77 (verified owner)

    Easy build and definitely one for all the “rookies” out there (if you’re into fuzz pedals).
    Experimented with a few different NPN / PNP combos but ended up using the ones given in the BOM.
    My high output humbuckers may be a little bit too much for this (haven’t tried with single coils yet), the sound was something like Jimi’s cranked up fuzz tones…but that’s not a defect!!

    • ben@rullywow

      Thanks for the feedback (no pun intended!)

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