Detour Optical Bypass PCB


Detour Optical Bypass PCB


Custom Optical Bypass Breakout boards.  Get rid of “pops” when switching with this optical bypass PCB

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The Rullywow “Detour” Optical Bypass boards make wiring your PCBs to a stomp switch easy.  The optical bypass approach uses a low-cost optocoupler to help eliminate any “pop” noises when you bypass your pedal.  Check out these cool features which will save time and simplify your DIY effects pedal projects.

  • Small square footprint (0.91″ x 0.91″) 23.1 mm x 23.1 mm
  • Low parts count
  • Uses common, low cost, Toshiba TLP222G optocoupler
  • Polarity protection built in
  • Easy-to-follow build document
  • LED able to be mounted on either left or right of PCB
  • Pads line up to projects
  • Extra power jacks for daisy chaining or powering other effects
  • Mounts on an Alpha-Style latching DPDT (part# SF12011DF-0202-20R-L-011) or compaible




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