“Demented Compressor” – Inspired by Demeter Compulator™

“Demented Compressor” – Inspired by Demeter Compulator™

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Squish it out!  The Demented Compressor is a sweet optical compressor which is sure to put the squeeze on compressing your signal.  Get nice even chime which “pops” and stands out in the mix.

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Get squishy!  The Demented Compressor is a great, all-analog optical compressor which takes a few cues from the same technology in studio rack compressors.  It adds a certain sparkle to your clean guitar parts and makes them stand out from the mix.  Clean tones will chime in great harmony.  Used together with a chorus, you will be reliving your 1980’s hair metal days!  This is an intermediate level build designed to fit into a 1590B and requires a Vactrol VTL5C10 optocoupler.

Demented Compressor v1.0 Build Doc

4 reviews for “Demented Compressor” – Inspired by Demeter Compulator™

  1. Jurica (verified owner)

    Very good product, and works like a charm. Happy chasing electrons in my new compressor. Thanx!

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    By far the best optical compressor I’ve built or had. Lots of squish. Sounds great clean or during solos. One of my favorite pedals on my pedal board

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    I just completed my first pedal build with this board. (Would’ve had the Love Smush active also, but I messed up my components order, so I waiting…) It powered up and worked the first time. Sounds good, very quiet. Great experience for a rookie. Thanks! I’ve already ordered more projects.

  4. yupnitski77 (verified owner)

    Nice, quiet compressor that I use mainly with my acoustic guitar.
    Easy build, used the components given in the BOM.

    • ben@rullywow

      Sweet! Glad you are liking it.

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