ATtiny85 ISP! Arduino Compatible Breakout Board (board only)

ATtiny85 ISP! Arduino Compatible Breakout Board (board only)


The ATtiny85 ISP! breakout board makes working with the ATtiny85 chip easy!  Port your Arduino code to the cost-effective and smaller ATtiny85 microcontroller easily and efficiently.  This product only includes one bare PCB board, you supply all other components.

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The ATtiny85 ISP! allows you to work with the Atmel AVR ATtiny85 chip easily on a breadboard with a 6-pin ISP programmer such as the USBtinyISP (programmer not included).   

The ATtiny85 chip (not included) is Arduno IDE compatible and lots of Arduino code will port right over with slight modifications to things such as pin number etc.

This product includes one ATtiny85 ISP! printed circuit board only.  You supply all other components.  Full kit instructions are here:

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