3PDT Breakout Stomp PCBs (4pcs)

3PDT Breakout Stomp PCBs (4pcs)

(7 customer reviews)


True Bypass 3PDT breakout boards.  Solder this onto your 3PDT stomp switch and simplify your stomp switch wiring.  Compatible with all Rullywow projects.  Make your builds neater and simplify wiring the switch.

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The 4-pack of Rullywow 3PDT Breakout boards make wiring your PCBs to a stomp switch easy.  Take care of LED mounting, true bypass wiring, and mounting in one fell swoop.


  • Fits on standard 3PDT stomp switches
  • Small footprint, works in 1590A
  • Onboard LED mounting on BOTH sides (your choice)
  • Standard PCB connections matches RULLYWOW designs (use ribbon cable to neaten up your wiring!)
  • Connections are spaced 2.54mm (.100″) allowing use of headers or ribbon cable
  • Two extra sets of 9V and GND pads…sweet
  • Snazzy RED color!

Rullywow 3PDT Wiring Diagram (PDF)

3PDT PCB v3.1a Dimensions and Schematic

Note:  each 4-pack counts as ONE (1) PCB for shipping calculations

7 reviews for 3PDT Breakout Stomp PCBs (4pcs)

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    Works great!

    Correct orientation of switch is horizontal with board oriented as in picture above and pins of the switch like:

    – – –
    – – –
    – – –

  2. drofmij (verified owner)

    Excellent little boards. I have built 2 pedals with these, helped clean up the rats nest of wires I usually have.
    switch goes horizontally as in this pic: http://imgur.com/DrHzttV

    board as in picture in item description with pins like:

  3. Atom (verified owner)

    These are hand’s down the best, smallest, and most usable switch boards I’ve ever used.They go in all of my projects.

  4. Will Robben (verified owner)

    these are awesome, they are built very solid i have soldered and unsolldered and still solid connectivity. Love the dual led ability and like all your boards the silk screen looks really cool. I just used my last one so ill be getting some more on my next order.

  5. Kris Gambino (verified owner)

    So good! I love that the led can be on either side, plenty of power options and a small footprint, too!

  6. David Williams (verified owner)

    My 1590a enclosures arer packed! However these tiny PCBs for work fine.

  7. Cory (verified owner)

    In my opinion, these are the best laid out switch boards out there. I’ve used close to 20 of them so far and just ordered another 16 (Hi, my name is Cory and I have a pedal problem). Compact enough to be used anywhere but not so compact that wiring becomes a pain. Multiple power and ground options are a great touch as well. I now have a pile other other company’s stomp switch PCBs sitting around because these are all I need. Wish i would have found them sooner. Probably seems a silly thing to gush over, but it really takes the pain out of boxing, which is my least favorite part of the project. Bravo!

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