Here you will find our FAQ (frequently asked questions) about rullywow.com PCB projects.  We will update this list from time to time.

Q:  What components do I need to order for these projects?

A:  Each build guide specifies components you will need to complete the project.  We have made a document here which explains what you will need to order.  CLICK HERE

Q: What is included with the PCB projects?

A:  Projects include the bare PCB, you supply the rest of the components.

Q: Where should I source my components?

A: We are unaffiliated with any of the following companies, however they are all great resources for parts

  • www.mouser.com
  • www.digikey.com
  • www.newark.com
  • www.taydaelectronics.com
  • www.lovemyswitches.com
  • www.smallbear-electronics.mybigcommerce.com
  • www.mammothelectronics.com
  • www.pedalpartsplus.com

Q: What does the K stand for (say in a 4K7 resistor)?

A: The K is short for kiloohm and is used to ensure the decimal place is in the correct place.  Therefore a 4K7 resistor would be a 4.7K ohm resistor

Q: What kind of solder should I use?

A: It’s personal preference, however we recommend leaded solder (if available in your area).  Leaded solder is easier to work with and creates nice joints.  Currently we like the Kester No-Clean 245 63/37 in a small diameter such as .033″ or .015″.

Q: I have a question not answered here.  

A: Feel free to contact us at support@rullywow.com